30 Things You Need To Know Before You Turn 30!

If I could turn back time there’s a million and one things I would find a way to tell my younger self! We get so much advice from our parents, older friends, or even complete strangers and we NEVER listen! It isn’t until we get older that we say “Ahhh they were so right about that!” I’ve rounded up thirty things that I wish I knew before I turned thirty for my younger girls. Although, if I’m being honest I definitely think these little nuggets of advice are great for women of all ages! I can only speak for myself but in my experience these are all the things I wish someone would have told me sooner! Oh wait, they did! I just didn’t listen!! 🤪 Haha! Hoping this helps y’all out!

1. Happiness is a choice!

This is a rule I live by every single day! It took me longer to learn this than I’d like to admit but no one can make you happy but yourself. Not that guy, not that job, not that dream house, nothing and no one but you! You must CHOOSE to be happy. It takes practice but practicing gratitude and finding the joy in anything and everything can be life changing! It’s not easy at first but the good news is that the more you practice the easier it gets!

2. Take care of your skin

This is my life motto!! Stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen, and start a kickass skincare routine to fight aging and wrinkles in your 20’s. Trust me, thirty year old you will thank me! You’re welcome girl!

3. Never chase a man

I’ll say it louder for the girls in the back that really need to hear this, NEVER CHASE A MAN! I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me YEARS to learn this lesson! And by years I mean a decade! 😆 The right man will know your worth, love you for who you are, and will let you know you’re a priority. There’s a huge difference between fighting for a relationship where both people are putting in the effort and chasing the wrong man. I know it sound cliche but it’s true! And trust me I know from experience that letting go of a man that isn’t invested in a future with you is actually way easier and less heartbreaking than having an up and down rollercoaster relationship for years with a man that already has one foot out the door. It’s not worth it babe, know your worth!

4. Always keep tweezers in your car

Car lighting is the best lighting! Enough said.

5. There is nothing wrong with you if you are not married with children by the time you are 30!

Maybe it’s just the way that I grew up but there’s this old way of thinking that by the time you are thirty you should be married with children. I’m so thankful that I grew up with a mom that always pushed us and believed in us to follow our dreams, however that looked to us. However, I do remember being in elementary and middle school and other moms always stressing about how important it was to grow up and get married. That’s just so wrong on so many levels! You should always do what feels right for you. In my opinion it’s soooooo much better to be single at thirty than married to the wrong person. I understand that with all the pressure society puts on women it’s easier said than done but think about it! Would you rather be truly happy in the choices you make for your life or pretend to be happy to please someone else?!

6. The biggest investment you will ever make is who you spend your life with!

Speaking of marriage…wait for the right person and marry your best friend! Take it from the girl that almost married the wrong man. Boy how different my life would have been! You will spend the rest of your life with your partner so make sure it’s someone that you can love even when you don’t like them, who supports you no matter what, and that you trust to be involved in every financial, life, and career decision you will ever make again. Choose (invest) wisely!

7. Support other women!

Nothing screams confidence like a woman who supports other women! Be the woman who empowers, supports, and builds up other women instead of tearing them down. There’s enough room for all of us to succeed. As women we already have enough to worry about!

8. Be kind

Even when it’s hard and even when the world is cruel choose to be kind anyway. You’ll never regret it!

9. Have a savings account and start a retirement fund as soon as possible

I can’t stress this enough! Start in your 20’s saving at least 10% of each paycheck so you’re not stressing when you’re older about how and when you can retire, when you can purchase property, or simply just not having to stress when times get tough. Make sure to also start a retirement fund so you’re set when you’re older. Time flies and it’s going to come sooner than we all think!

10. Always ask for more money

No matter how hard you work I don’t know one company that is going to offer you more money out of the goodness of their heart! It’s ok to know your worth and ask for what you deserve. I remember when I first started working as a television producer I was just so thankful to have a job that I took the bare minimum companies were offering me. I was working my butt off and running myself to the point of exhaustion for the lowest pay possible! It took me a few years but eventually I started to speak up and let these companies know I was worth more and would not work for any less than a certain amount of money. You know how often they gave me more money when I would ask? 100% of the time! So just remember worst case scenario your boss says no, best case scenario you’re making more money! P.S. Men ask for more money all the time AND get it! At least in my industry!

11. It’s ok not to have it all figured out

I always joke that the older I get the more I realize how little our parents actually knew! Haha! They were just winging it too! But remember how we would always look up to them like they had all the answers? No matter how much you know there is still so much to learn. It’s ok to not have all the answers about your life, career, relationships, etc. Learning and growing is what life is all about!

12. Always be yourself

Always! The right people will find you.

13. Eat the freakin’ cake!

Or in my case french fries! Have I mentioned enough times since I started this blog that I love French fries? 😆 In all seriousness it’s important to take care of your body but it’s also important to stop worrying about every freakin’ calorie and enjoy the moment!

14. Get everything in writing

Even from family or close friends! You will never regret protecting yourself and if someone really cares about you and has good intentions they won’t have a problem signing.

15. It gets better!

It really does! I remember a dark period of my life where I was just struggling and had to work to find reasons to be happy. If this is a dark period in your life I want you to know you’re not alone. No matter what you’re going through it will pass and you’re going to be ok, I promise!

16. Travel as much as you can!

As you get older you’ll find more joy from spending your money on experiences rather than things! You’ll appreciate looking back on all those experiences and they’ll make for great stories when you’re older.

17. Learn to say sorry

This is a tough one to grasp especially for your girl here who is never wrong!! 🤪 Kidding! We all make mistakes but it’s ok to admit when you’re wrong. We’re only human after all. It’s how you handle those mistakes afterwards that really matter.

18. Exercise

It’s not about the weight, it’s about your health! Your body is an investment. You’re going to need her in good shape fifty years from now so treat her well!

19. Listen to your intuition!

Always! It’s never wrong!

20. It’s ok to sometimes say no

I know this is a hard one for my girls who are people pleasers but it’s so important. Take care of you and your soul first. It’s like when you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you that in case of an emergency to put on your oxygen mask before you help others. It’s the same thing when it comes to taking care of yourself. You can’t truly help others if you haven’t taken care of yourself first!

21. Love with all you have

Please don’t ever let the harsh world or one bad man change your kind heart! Love is the most beautiful thing in the universe so keep on loving fiercely with all that you have!

22. You WILL get over that boy!

Oh my sweet, sweet girl! If I could only convince you that the heartbreak you’re experiencing now won’t last forever. I know it feels like you’ll never get over that boy. I know it feels like you were meant to be together forever but those feelings will pass. You will get over him and there’s better things (and men) ahead. I promise! I PROMISE!

23. Not every fashion trend is for every body type and that’s ok!

It’s a no on tube tops for me and my body type and I’m ok with that!

24. Perfection doesn’t exist

It doesn’t, so stop trying to reach it and just enjoy life!

25. Make sure to vote!
It’s THE way to express your voice and you should use it!

26. Take care of your hands, they give away your age!

Moisturize them every day and every night. TRUST ME on this one! In ten years you will thank me!

27. Always wear clean underwear!

What was that thing mama always said about your underwear? Wear clean underwear and make sure they match your bra in case you’re in an accident. But now that I think about it mama, don’t we always wear clean underwear?! 🤣

28. You deserve happiness!

You really do and I hope you believe it sooner rather than later. The moment you realize that you deserve only the best is the moment your life will change for the better!

29. Stop using tanning booths

Stop! Not only will it age you tremendously but you also increase your risk of skin cancer by 20% after just one use! It’s too dangerous and just not worth it.

30. Take your makeup off before bed

Every. Single. Night.

I hope these lessons I had to learn the hard way help y’all out! What’s the best piece of advice you wish you knew when you were younger? I’d love to hear, although knowing me I can’t promise I’ll actually follow through! 🤣 Until next time..hope you all have the best day!



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