What You Need To Know About Manifesting and The Power of Positive Thinking!

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There is something so powerful about thinking positive thoughts! Don’t believe me? Hear me out! A few years ago I was going through a very dark period in my life. I had just gone through the worst breakup of my life, I was having problems with my health, I wanted more out of my job, and I was just feeling so sad and lonely! All I wanted was to curl up in a ball and be left alone. We’ve all been there right? I allowed myself one good day to cry it all out and feel sorry for myself. The next day I decided from there on out that moving forward I would do EVERYTHING from a place of love and kindness. And let me tell you…it was life changing! Everyday I woke up and made the choice to be happy. It was not easy by any means! Trust me, there were some days I really had to talk myself into it but I didn’t want to be the type of person who was grumpy or mean to other people because I was hurting. So every day I made a conscious choice to be in a good mood, smile, lift people up, and focus on improving the relationships with the people who wanted to be in my life. After a few weeks I started to feel SOOOOOOO much love coming my way. In fact I felt more love than I had ever felt in my entire life and I was as single as one could be!! Not that you need to be in a relationship to feel loved but you get the point! 😆 Not only did it feel good to receive all that love but it also felt good to make other people feel good about themselves too! This way of thinking became contagious! A few months later I ended up finding love with the sweetest man, getting a clean bill of health, a promotion at work, and I even ended up losing the twenty-five pounds I had been trying to drop! I turned the WORST thing that has ever happened to me into the BEST thing that has ever happened to me just by changing my attitude and knowing that I deserved better! From that point on there was no stopping me or turning back!

They say that our thoughts create our reality and I 100% believe that! In fact not only do I believe in the power of positive thinking I also believe in the power of manifesting! What exactly is manifesting? Manifesting is basically the belief that our thoughts and mindset influence our experiences! When you physically manifest you focus on what you desire and attract it by what you think, say, and do! So you can see how manifesting and positive thinking go hand in hand! The more you think and focus on the positive the more you’ll manifest positive things into your life!

Whether you’re going through a rough patch right now or your life is pretty darn good at the moment I want you all to be so happy and content in all that you do! I sincerely believe that positive thinking and manifesting have changed my life for the better! Waaaayyyyy better! When it comes to positive thinking and manifesting here’s what I have personally done and continue to do if you want to give it a try! Practicing these small acts everyday has made my life more positive, more fulfilling, and has made me overall a much happier person! I really do encourage you to try it and let me know how y’all feel!

Start each day with a grateful heart

I honestly feel like the secret to happiness is being grateful for what you have! ❤️ Every morning before I even get out of bed I rattle off either in my mind or out loud about 10-20 things I am grateful for! Most days it’s the love in my life, my health, and my beautiful nieces and nephew. Some days it’s something smaller like being able to sleep late or being able to afford the new outfit I ordered for date night! 🥰 Other days it’s having all of you here with me reading these posts! There’s no wrong answer! If you want to attract good things in your life you have to be grateful for what you already have! 

Stay positive

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed grumpy as can be and then proceeded to have the worst day ever?! That’s because like attracts like! If you’re constantly thinking negatively or putting doubt out into the world that same energy is going to come back to you. The good news? Positive thoughts are so much more powerful than negative thoughts so think positively and good things will come your way! 

Trust the Universe

Whether you are super religious, spiritual, or just believe in the power of the Universe you have to have faith! So while you stay positive and continue to manifest, sit back and let the Universe figure out HOW to give you everything you want! It’s not up to you to figure out how you’re going to get what you want it’s up to you just to believe it will happen! In fact believe that it’s already here…which takes me to my next point!

Believe you already have what you want

This step made a huge difference into making my manifestations a reality! It’s not about believing it will happen, it’s about believing that it’s already happening! This is so important! So let’s say, for instance, I want to make a million dollars. I have to act like it’s already here! No, that doesn’t mean spending money you don’t have! It’s about changing your mindset! Believe you already have it, talk like you already have it, and most importantly believe you deserve it!  If you believe and act as if you already have what you want the Universe works extra hard to give it to you! 


Scripting is such an effective way to manifest! Scripting is the act of writing out your manifestations as if they are already here. Before I even begin scripting I will start by writing down at LEAST three things that I am grateful for. Next, I’ll start my actual scripting.

There’s several ways to do this and I try and script every day if I can! Let’s say like in the previous example I want to make a million dollars! I could script in multiple ways:

  1. I can write a sentence such as “I’m so grateful for my successful business that has given me an income of a million dollars.” You can write this 10, 20 or even 50 times a day if you want! As long as you write in the past or present tense! You want to act as if it’s already here rather than something you are waiting on! 
  2. You can also write what the perfect day in your million dollar life looks like! So let’s imagine you finally have the millions you’ve dreamed of, what would your daily life look like? Write that down and express how you feel, what you do at work to make those millions, how you spend your money, how big your house is, the color of your super fancy car, etc. No detail is too small when it comes to manifesting! Feel all the emotions as if they are already here! 

There’s so many other ways to script and manifest! Two books I can not recommend enough are  “The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” and “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe.” You can find both on Amazon. These books go into great detail about all the ways to manifest and they both give you the confidence to believe that you deserve only the best! If you’re going to read any books about manifestation and positive thinking these are the two to read. Trust me on this, I’ve wasted tons of money on books that didn’t give me much insight on positive thinking and manifestation. “The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” changed my life! I know it sounds crazy. Trust me, that’s not lost on me! This book changed my life for the better and I want it to do the same for you! By using the tools from this book not only have I manifested so many amazing things in my life it’s led me to become more positive. I literally am never grumpy anymore! 🤣 “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” is also amazing! The author of this book manifested her multi-million dollar company and helps other people do the same! In the book she goes through different exercises that help you manifest $1000 in 21 days. Even though I believed in the power of positive thinking and manifestation I was skeptical when I first read the book but I tried my best to keep an open mind. I did the 21 day challenge and all the work it entails and I think it was day 19 when an extra $1000 came my way. I couldn’t believe it!

I know it may sound foreign or crazy if you’ve never tried any of these techniques and I get it! Trust me, a few years ago if someone told me to manifest I would have thought they were off their rocker! But these techniques really are so powerful! And the good news is there really is no wrong way to do them! All you have to do is follow through, BELIEVE that you deserve everything your heart desires (because you do), be kind, be patient, and it shall be yours! In recent years there have also been TONS of studies that have proven that the more positive your thoughts and the more you practice manifesting the more likely you are to create the life you dream of! How cool is that?! If you’ve been looking for a sign to get up and go after what you want and dream big this is it! You can literally do anything you put your mind to!!

Have y’all ever manifested anything into your lives? I would LOVE to hear all about it if you have! Wishing you all the best! Lots of love!



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  1. These are truly wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing <3 I also genuinely believe that we all have the power to manifest what we want and that there is so much abundance in this Universe to get everything we want as long as we have the right intention 😀

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