The Only Thanksgiving Drink and Dessert List You Will Ever Need! πŸ¦ƒ

It finally feels like fall y’all! 🍁 That doesn’t always happen before Thanksgiving here in Southern California so one thing I’ll be grateful for this year is cooler weather! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and even though things may look a little different this year I’m still all about good drinks, a yummy dessert, and a beautiful presentation. I recently searched the internet for the coolest Thanksgiving inspired cocktails and desserts and then tried them all out to see if they were easy to make and if they actually tasted good! Spoiler alert, they do! I rounded up all my favorites if you’re looking for some new Thanksgiving drink and dessert inspo! You can go wild and try them all like me and re-create my table presentation or just pick one or two of your favorites! Below are my thoughts on each! There’s definitely something for everyone! I broke them down by categories: The Centerpiece, Just For Fun, For The Classy Gal, For The Boys, and For The Party People! The kids will LOVE all the desserts so no matter which is your favorite they will all be kid friendly!!


Rice Krispie Turkey

Can we talk about this centerpiece? How freakin cute is this Rice Krispie turkey? When I first read the recipe I almost didn’t try it out because it looks so intimidating but it was actually way easier to make than I thought it would be! The only advice I would give is that when you are shaping the turkey you have to move fast or the Rice Krispies will dry too much and you won’t be able to shape them anymore. Hence, why my turkey in this photo doesn’t have any back legs! 🀣 My suggestion would be to have someone else there to help you! One person should shape the actual turkey and the other should shape the legs! Here is the link to the recipe I used:


Caramel Apple Spritzers
Turkey Pudding Cups

If you’re looking for something fun and different this year I recommend the Caramel Apple Spritzers and Turkey Pudding Cups! I loved the idea of the Caramel Apple Spritzers because how fun is it to drink alcohol out of an apple! These drinks consist of moscato and apple vodka and are so yummy! I love that you can either make another drink using your apple or just eat the apple when you finish. While these were really easy to make the one thing I would note is that the apples of course will tip slightly to one side when you set them down. If you decide to make this for your Thanksgiving just make sure to be aware of that as you set them down so they won’t spill! Here’s the link to the recipe that I used:

The pudding cups are also so easy to make! Even if you’re making a lot of these it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to assemble. The part that takes the longest is putting the eyes on the Milano cookies! Simple to make and easy clean up! Here’s the link to the directions:


Apple Pie Sparklers
Waffle Fruit Bowls

How sophisticated does this set up look?! I chose this pair for the ladies because this set up just looks so classy! The Apple Pie Sparklers actually taste good, they look pretty, and they aren’t heavy or full of sugar like other cocktails can be! These drinks have moscato and vanilla vodka in them! Here’s the link to the whole recipe:

When I saw these waffle fruit bowls I loved this idea for those who aren’t into eating too many sweets! These are so simple to make too! Just throw your favorite fruits into a waffle bowl and top with a little bit of whipped topping for some extra sweetness! The best part of these bowls is that kids love them too! Here’s the original link to the recipe I used:


Bourbon Apple Cider
Cocoa Krispie Turkey Drumsticks

Ok does this pairing scream men or what?! What man doesn’t love bourbon? I know all the men in my life just love to sit and sip with a good bourbon. This is the perfect drink for the men to sip after Thanksgiving dinner with a slight holiday twist! Best part is it’s quick and easy to make! Here’s the link to the directions on how to make:

The Turkey Drumsticks are so cute, however, I will admit that these were the hardest to make out of everything I made. Not impossible but a little more difficult for me! My marshmallows kept falling off when I would dip them into the candy melts so if you try this recipe out make sure to pour the melted candy melts over the marshmallows rather than dipping. My other issue was that the Cocoa Krispies kept sticking to my hands when I was trying to shape the “meat” portion of this dessert so my recommendation would be to really wait until the Cocoa Krispie mixture has cooled or it won’t work! Overall, I still think it’s such a cute idea! Here is the link to the original recipe:


Cranberry Jello Shots
Oreo Turkeys

I saved the best for last!! This combo screams party to me! This is for the family that loves to have a good time! The cranberry shots are so fun and perfect for the drunk aunties and uncles. πŸ˜‚ Every family has at least one right? πŸ˜† The jello shots consists of vodka and are actually pretty easy to make. When I first looked at the directions I thought oh great these are going to take forever to make but it actually wasn’t much work. You do have to refrigerate the cranberry shots at least three hours before drinking but the good news is that you can make these ahead of time and not have to worry about making them Thanksgiving morning! Here is the link to the cranberry shots:

The Oreo Turkeys were probably my favorite to make because they are so easy and I know just how much joy they’ll bring the kids!! Like the Turkey Pudding Cups these are super quick to make. Putting the eyes on the Oreos will be what takes the longest but these still shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to put together. I’m obsessed with how simple and cute these are! Here is the link to the directions:

If you’re looking for a new dessert or drink to try out this Thanksgiving I hope this list helps save you all some time! I must note that while I love to cook, I am not great at baking. I never bake and it’s just not my thing so if I can make these with ease I know all of you will be able to as well! Let me know if you decide to try any of these recipes out! Hope you all have a great day!



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