What Everybody Needs To Know About Earthing! 🌎

When I was a kid growing up in the country I remember ALWAYS running around with no shoes on! We’d walk on our dirt roads, run through the grass, and climb trees all completely barefoot. I had no idea then that what I was actually doing was earthing! And I definitely didn’t have a clue how many benefits physically, spiritually, and mentally there were to that simple act! Earthing, also known as grounding, is the idea of walking barefoot in grass, dirt, sand, or water to realign your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth. In simpler terms by planting your bare feet on the ground your body will start to heal itself! Mother Earth has electrons with healing properties that we all absorb through our feet. How amazing is it that our own home, Earth, is naturally designed to help us thrive?! I want to share with y’all today all the benefits, how I earth, and how to do it properly!

By now some of you reading this may be thinking that I am completely off my rocker! And I get it, if I hadn’t personally reaped the benefits of earthing I would also be skeptical that the simple act of just taking my shoes off could be so beneficial. When I first started this blog I did so because I genuinely wanted to help people and share real things that have made my life better. Earthing is one of those things that have really helped me both physically and mentally. So if you have the chance, try it out, it won’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time!

Physical Health Benefits To Earthing:

There are so many physical health benefits to earthing but the main benefit is that is reduces inflammation! So many of our health issues such as heart disease are caused by inflammation in the body. If we can prevent our body from being inflamed our health problems would be gone. If the body is naturally grounded there won’t be inflammation. Besides reducing inflammation earthing also reduces pain, reduces cardiovascular disease, improves the immune system, helps with weight loss, helps blood flow, and helps with libido!

Mental Benefits of Earthing:

I’m one of those people that believe mental health is just as important as physical health and when it comes to grounding the physical and mental benefits go hand in hand. Mental benefits of earthing include relieving stress, elevating mood, improving sleep which in turn helps with mood as well, ability to focus longer, and lowering risk of depression!

Spiritual Benefits of Earthing:

Whether you consider yourself a deeply religious person, spiritual, or none of the above there is still something about earthing that makes you feel so connected to the earth. I know for me personally when I’m earthing I’m always reminded how big and beautiful this world we live in really is and I always feel so inspired to continue to chase my dreams and become the best version of myself! Other reported spiritual benefits of earthing include feeling closer to God if you are religious and a sense of physical and emotional balance.

Benefits of Earthing for Children:

Like adults, children can benefit greatly from earthing! Benefits of earthing for children include being able to focus longer, stronger immune systems, elevated mood, and a healthier digestive system. Studies have also shown that children who practice earthing need less discipline! I was recently watching a documentary called The Earthing Movie and one person in particular, Dr. Laura Koniver, shares her experience with earthing. Her infant daughter suffered tremendously from colic and would cry non-stop. Dr. Koniver noticed one day that if she walked outside without shoes on while holding her daughter that her daughter would immediately stop crying! However, every time that Dr. Koniver walked outside WITH shoes on her daughter would continue to cry! Dr. Koniver quickly discovered that the simple act of earthing would help reduce her daughter’s pain! That’s so incredible! Dr. Koniver ended up doing a lot more research before she started recommending earthing to her patients because she couldn’t explain medically why or how this worked! Later, studies proved that if a person who is earthing/grounding touches someone who is not, the person they make contact with will also reap the benefits of earthing! This explains why Dr. Koniver’s daughter was soothed just by being in her mother’s arms even though her feet were not actually touching the ground! If you’re interested in learning more about the history and studies done about earthing I definitely recommend checking out The Earthing Movie!

Favorite Ways To Earth:

My absolute favorite way to earth is to go for a hike with a waterfall and take off my shoes once I reach my destination! The cold water always feel so great after you’ve exercised and worked your way to the end of the trail! Other ways to earth include toes in the sand at the beach, running in the grass barefoot, and feeling the heat of the concrete poolside. You can earth anyway that’s comfortable for you as long as you are in the grass, sand, water, concrete, or dirt!

How Often Should You Ground:

Studies show that after thirty minutes you will show internal changes to your body especially your blood. I never earth for that long and usually feel the benefits after just ten minutes. However, every one is of course different and studies show it’s best to earth for twenty minutes, twice a day! Studies also show that some people feel the benefits of earthing immediately and some people take months to feel the benefits of earthing!

Final Tips for Getting The Most Out of Grounding:

My favorite tips for grounding including clearing your mind, relaxing your body, practice breathing exercises, and to avoid asphalt and grass that has been sprayed with pesticides.

I’m so curious to know if you guys have ever tried earthing? If you try it out, and I hope you do, definitely let me know your experience. Hope you all have the best day!



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