35 Kickass Beauty Tips From The Pros

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Happy Wednesday y’all! One of the perks of working in the entertainment industry all these years is that I get to meet tons of talented hair and makeup artists. HMU is what we call them in the business! They are brilliant at what they do and over the years I’ve been able to pull a few tips and tricks out of them. I thought I’d share some of these tips with y’all too especially now that we’re inching closer to the holidays and we all want to look and feel our best! I definitely tried them all out too so you know they’re legit! 💕

1. Achieve facial harmony by wearing your lipgloss on your cheeks! 

Ok I know this sounds a little cray cray but I tested it out myself and it works! Mix a little bit of your lipstick or gloss no matter what color with a small pea size amount of your moisturizer to make a cream blush and dab on the apples of your cheeks. The matchy-matchy monochromatic look of wearing the same colors on your lips and cheeks gives the face a softer, more feminine look. Love this advice! My favorite product to do this with is NYX lipgloss which you can find here! If you’re not into mixing your lipstick with your moisturizer Sephora sells an all in one product from Benefit Cosmetics that you can use on both your lips and cheeks for the same effect! You can grab it here! It’s so pretty and feminine on all skin types!

2. Use baby powder to get thick lashes.

I’m all about long thin lashes but I get that some of my girls out there are all about volume so I got y’all covered! If you’re looking for a simple way to get thicker lashes then apply one coat of mascara and then dab some baby powder on your eyelashes using a q-tip. Be careful not to get in your eyes! Afterwards, apply one to two more coats of mascara for the fullest thickest lashes of your life!! This L’oreal mascara is my all time favorite!

3. Dab a bit of blush above the arches of your eyebrows 

Sometimes the smallest pieces of advice go such a long way! This is one of those beauty tricks that will help give you that naturally fresh faced look by giving a little glow to that arch where the sun would naturally hit. I’m all about that natural look! Once I tried this I started using this trick every day! My absolute favorite blush of all time is linked here! Trust me, this product is the best!  

4. Use olive oil for clear skin

Apply 1-2 drops of olive oil to a cotton ball and rub over your skin like you would your normal toner. Using olive oil two to three times a week will help prevent skin from aging and help reduce wrinkles and puffiness.

5. Shrink pimples with listerine.

Have a pimple you need to shrink fast? Throw some Listerine on it! You can do this anytime of day but it works best if you apply some Listerine on your pimple before bed and then wash off in the morning. The alcohol causes the pimple to dry up fast and even helps fade some of the redness!

6. Also use garlic to shrink pimples.

Garlic has so many anti-inflammatory properties that it’s great for using on pimples as well. Not only will it shrink the size of your pimple but it will also majorly reduce the redness. Rub the garlic on the pimple before bed and then rinse off in the morning! Plus you know..you’ll definitely be warding off those vampires! 🤪

7. Put your foundation on before your moisturizer dries. 

This is actually a trick I learned from the pros years ago that I use every single day!! It definitely makes my foundation go on way smoother! It prevents my foundation from looking “cakey” and helps give the face a smoother look! I’ll link my favorite foundation here and my favorite daytime moisturizer here!

8. Always use a lip balm before bed.

I swear by this pro tip! I have struggled with dry flaky skin on my lips for YEARS! Using a lip balm before bed was a game changer! Our lips lose moisture twice as fast as the rest of our skin so it’s important to keep them moisturized as much as possible. Plus keeping them moisturized also prevents our lips from looking old and wrinkly! Two of my favorite lip balms to use both overnight and during the day are Beauty Hacks and Laneige! These are both so good that you can still feel the lip balm on your lips in the morning when you wake up!

9. Use castor oil to grow brows and lashes.

I was NEVER one of those girls that over plucked her eyebrows back in the day but for some reason as I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed patches of my eyebrows missing! Has this happened to anyone else?! Apply a few drops every night with a q-tip or disposable mascara wand! I tried this on my eyebrows and it definitely works but you can also use on your eyelashes! After only a few days I noticed little patches in my brows growing back in! Hallelujah!!! 🙌🏼

10. Blot and use powder to make lipstick last

After applying lipstick hold a tissue over your mouth, blot the color, and dust a light layer of translucent powder over the top of your lips. Repeat 1-2 more times and lipstick won’t budge!

11. Add blush before foundation

Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it’s coming from beneath the skin. A bright warm pink at the apple of the cheeks is perfect for any complexion, according to the pros!

12. Use heat to up your eye makeup game

Don’t you hate how after a long day your lashes no longer look curled?! One of my pro makeup artists once told me that if you heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer on high heat for a few seconds before curling, your lashes will stay curled all day long! Works like a charm! Extra bonus: You can also use heat from your blow dryer on your eye liner pencil for a few seconds before applying to prevent your eyeliner from smudging!

13. Use olive oil to care for your cuticles.

If you struggle with out of shape cuticles then rub some olive oil on them before bed. You’ll fingers will not only feel soft when you wake but it’ll also repair any damage to your cuticles quickly.

14. Apply primer all the way up into the brows so your brow color won’t budge

This is such a great tip! It’s so obvious but something that never even crossed my mind! I thought about it and I’ve always avoided the brow area because you want your makeup to look as natural as possible but it’s actually genius to use primer on the brows since that’s one of the places we sweat! My favorite primer for everyday use is this one from Tula. If you’re looking for a primer that gives you the best glow from within then try this primer from Becca!

15. Prevent bacne!

Alright I think this might be the most interesting tip that I’ve heard over the years! At some point I feel like everyone has had some type of breakout on their backs. If you’ve had the dreaded “Bacne” before and can’t figure out the cause, it may be from your conditioner! Once you condition your hair in the shower it sits on your back until you’re ready to rinse which can cause those pesky back pimples to form. Easy fix: once you condition use a hair clip to tie up your hair until it’s time to rinse!

16. Opposite colors side by side help each other stand out. This is super important when trying to pick the most flattering eyeshadow for your eye color. Here’s a cheat sheet:

Blue eyes: Orange is the opposite of blue so anything with orange in it will make the eyes stand out more. Think gold, apricot, or peach!

Green eyes: Red is the opposite color of green. You don’t need to put cherry red colored eyeshadow on your lids but use colors with red undertones like deep plums and wine.

Brown eyes: Brown is a neutral color so any color will work well but the most standout colors are blue and purple. 

17. Use face powder to create a matte lipstick.

If you have a lipstick that you just absolutely love but can’t find the same shade in a matte version have no fear! Place a Kleenex on top of your lips and dust any translucent face powder with your makeup brush to create a matte look. Make sure to only use a thin layer and not to overpowder your lip!

18. Use coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite.

So truth be told nothing but good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise can get rid of cellulite! And even then it’s mighty difficult! However, a good coffee scrub can help reduce the appearance of cellulite because coffee grounds contain antioxidants that help shrink fat cells. Mix 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of coffee grounds and rub over your skin in a circular motion. That circular motion will also help break down the fat cells. In order to see result make sure you do this 2-3 times per week!

19. Apply eyeliner the correct way

Start from the inner corner to the center of your lid, then reload the brush (if you’re using one) and start from the outside corner until you meet the existing liner. This will allow for smoother application!

20. Don’t underestimate color correcting primers.

Sometimes concealer just isn’t enough to hide those bright red pimples, discoloration, or fatigue. When this happens it’s best to use a color correction primer to fix the issue. Green will neutralize redness while purple will eliminate yellow undertones, and peach will hide discoloration of the skin. Here’s my favorite green, purple, and peach primers! Bonus tip: when applying concealer over blemishes make sure to twist your brush into the concealer to make sure the concealer gets deep down into the skin to hide the blemish. Afterwards you can add another layer of concealer and blend out!

21. Make fake brow hairs look real

Dark brows can make you look older so pick a brow pencil color that’s a couple shades lighter than your hair! I love this tip because as someone who always aims to look as natural as possible, I thought the best way to do that was to find a color that best matched my brows. Wrong! 😂 Here’s two of my favorite brow pencils! I love this one from Tarte because it’s pretty much dummy proof and this one from Benefit which also has a brush attached to comb through the product you just applied! I use both daily!

22. Get rid of dark eye circles in minutes

We’ve all seen how fancy spas use cucumber slices over the eyes but here’s the exact recipe for getting rid of those dark eye circles! Put cucumbers in the freezer for ten minutes and then place them under your eyes for another ten minutes. Once they lose that cool sensation remove them and you’ll see a huge improvement in your dark circles!

23. Properly conceal under eye circles

Swipe concealer under your eye in a “V” shape from your outer to inner corner. Then buff the concealer into your skin until you get to the center of your lower lid where you’ll want to feather the concealer for a lighter application. In the past I would never use concealer because I didn’t think I needed it but now I know better! We can alllllll use a little concealer! 🤣 In all seriousness though a little concealer goes such a long way and can really do wonders for your complexion! Here is my favorite!

24. Use face oil to fake dewy skin.

If you love the dewy skin look but still love full coverage foundation then mix 1-2 drops of face oil with your favorite foundation for the perfect glow! Simple as that!

25. If you accidentally get mascara around your eyes, LET IT DRY! 

Of all the tips on this list this is my absolute favorite!!! 🙌🏼 This actually is an old trick I use and it works like a charm! And when I say I use this trick I mean I use it everyday! 😂 Some of us girls just struggle a little more with applying makeup than others, ok?! 🤪 After a few minutes when the mascara is completely dry take a q-tip over the mascara and it will come right off! No smudges, no smears, it’ll look perfect! BUT it must be dry before you attempt! If you missed my blog post about the best mascaras this $10 mascara is my favorite that I wear daily!

26. Apply foundation in a downward motion.

If you’ve read my blog post about double cleansing then you know that you should always cleanse your face in an upward motion. The opposite is true when it comes to applying foundation! Always apply foundation in a downward motion to hide any peach fuzz. FYI, the majority of women have peach fuzz even if you don’t see it in your bathroom mirror. Applying foundation in that downward motion guarantees that your peach fuzz won’t be sticking straight up making it more noticeable!

27. But apply blush in a circular upwards motion.

Rather than sweeping your blush across your face apply in a circular upwards motion. The circular motion will help your blush look more natural while the upward motion will help lift your face making it look more youthful and awake!

28. Tame those brows with hairspray

If you don’t have access to brow gel to keep your brows tamed an old mascara spool and some hairspray work just as well. Don’t have a mascara spool? Spray a q-tip with some hair spray and run over stray brows to hold them in place!

29. Imagine a line from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your brow, this is where your eyeshadow should stop.

People often make the mistake of not bringing their eye shadow out far enough which can make the eyes look smaller. I love this trick because it definitely makes your makeup look more polished and makes the eyes look larger! Just a small tweak like this to your makeup can make you look ten times more put together!

30. Blend your foundation out onto your hairline

So I feel like when it comes to foundation we all know by now that we should blend out to our neck for a more natural look but did you know we should also be blending out into our hairline? Make sure to always blend the foundation along the edges of your face out into your hair line. It seems a little weird and it’ll be awkward at first but it’ll help create a more natural look and make it less obvious you’re wearing foundation.

31. Blend foundation all the way down your neck

While we’re talking about foundation, raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a face and neck that are two different colors! 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s so hard to find the perfect color foundation so if you’re struggling with a face and neck that don’t quite match there’s an easy fix! Apply your foundation as you normally would and then with your beauty blender or brush apply foundation to your neck and fade the color as you move down your neck. This will prevent those harsh foundation lines!

32. Get the perfect brow arch.

Having the perfect brow arch not only helps you look more attractive but it also helps you appear more awake and rested. To get this look take either a matte pink eyeliner or light white eyeshadow and sweep it underneath your brows. Just make sure to blend into your skin until it’s practically undetectable. Your whole face will look younger, brighter, and clean!

33. Used pressed powder to contour.

Not every beauty product needs to break the bank! If you’re looking to contour but don’t want to spend a ton on the powder then use a pressed powder two to three shades darker than your skin to contour. Most pressed powders are super affordable and can do the job just as well as those really expensive contour powders!

34. Use a plastic spoon to apply mascara to the bottom lashes.

So this isn’t something I would do everyday but to each their own! However, I would definitely do this for a night out or important events when I want my makeup to be flawless. Place the spoon under the bottom of your lashes before you apply mascara for the perfect application. The spoon will help prevent you from getting mascara on your skin, will help get thicker looking lashes, and my favorite part about this is getting that mascara application as high up on those lashes and as close to the bottom lid as possible!

35. Use a beauty blender rather than a brush to apply foundation over dry flaky skin. It’ll give a smooth and fresh finish.

This is a game changer for me! I used to swear by a really expensive foundation brush and then I tried this trick with some beauty blenders. My foundation has NEVER looked so flawless as it did when I use the beauty blender! Make sure to wet the beauty blender but make sure the blender isn’t soaked. I know that seems odd but if you don’t wet the blender it’ll soak up all your product instead of blending on your face! If you haven’t tried the beauty blender trust me it makes your makeup look ten times more natural than any brush!

Those are my favorite tips that I’ve learned over the years from the pros! I hope they help you all out too! What’s your favorite beauty tip?! Don’t hold out on us and let me know! Until next time…hope you all have a great day!!



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