The 40 Best Beauty Products Under $20!

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Looking and feeling our best should not cost us a fortune! Some of my all time favorite beauty products in my makeup bag are drug store finds. I’ve rounded up forty of the best beauty products under $20 and let me tell y’all these are good! Having tried them all out myself I can personally vouch for every single one!

  • NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss– $5: This is hands down the best lip gloss under $5! I love that it’s sheer to medium coverage and that it comes in tons of shades. There is literally a shade for everyone!
  • Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo– $10: Up until a few years ago I had never used a clarifying shampoo! I remember one day on the set of Love and Hip Hop I very dramatically went to one of our hair stylists and told her that after I dried my hair it still had this wet look and feel to it. It didn’t feel clean and just looked icky. She told me that I needed a clarifying shampoo which helps clean your hair from your normal shampoo! Residue in our hair can build up from products we use and even our every day shampoo and conditioner can cause damage! Every few weeks it’s good to use a clarifying shampoo that breaks down all that build up and leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean again! This one from Neutrogena works great and is only $10!
  • Drunk Elephant Sili Body Lotion-$20: I don’t think I’ve ever met a Drunk Elephant product I didn’t like and this body lotion is no exception! Not only does this lotion leave your skin feeling so soft it also has antioxidants in it that help fight off free radicals!!
  • Tweezerman Folding iLashComb– $11: I tend to have one set of eyelashes that ALWAYS gets a little clumpier than the others and it drives me nuts! This lash comb fixes the problem by separating lashes without removing mascara!
  • Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush– $8.59: This massager helps clean and exfoliate the scalp leaving your hair shinier than ever. Extra bonus is that it’s super relaxing and great to use when you need to reduce stress.
  • Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly– $2: This is an oldie but goody passed down from our grandmother’s generation! It’s inexpensive and works to fix a variety of issues including chapped lips, dry skin, removing makeup, and healing minor scrapes and burns.
  • Black Girl Sunscreen– $16: Although melanin does protect against a percentage of UV rays any color of skin is still susceptible to sunburns, melanoma, and premature aging from the sun. Black Girl Sunscreen is great for men and women with darker skin tones because it protects your skin from the sun without leaving that white residue.
  • TruSkin Vitamin C Serum– $20: Finally a Vitamin C Serum for less than $20 that actually works! A little goes a long way so this bottle will last you months! I use this everyday as part of my skincare routine.
  • NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray– $8.50: I’m a sucker for Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and will never stray but if the price is too high this dupe works ALMOST just as well! 
  • Ms Dear Color Removal Sponge – $14: This product is genius! If you aren’t into investing money into a ton of different makeup brushes just use this sponge between uses to erase color/eyeshadow from brushes instantly so eye shadow goes on cleaner!
  • Tula Go Away Acne Spot Treatment– $20: You all probably know by now that I love Tula products and this spot treatment is no different. Put on before bed and wake up to smaller, less irritated acne. This products also helps reduce the appearance of past blemishes.
  • e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer– $8: This primer preps skin for makeup and leaves your skin looking poreless and flawless! This is the best Tatcha Silk Canvas dupe I’ve found that works the same but way cheaper!
  • Love Wellness Do It All Wipes– $10: These wipes are OB/GYN recommended and are great for after a workout or when you need to feel a little refreshed but don’t have time to shower.
  • Olay Moisture Ribbons Body Wash: $6: I love this body wash and use it every day! The moisture ribbons leave your skin feeling so soft while the lavender scent is super relaxing!
  • Shape Tape Star Squad Conceal and Brighten Duo– $15: So this duo is a travel size product but it was too good not to mention! This travel duo contains shape tape concealer which is my all time favorite concealer to use under the eyes or to hide blemishes. The shape tape glow wand is also included which gives the most gorgeous, natural looking glow. Every time I use my glow wand I get compliments on how glowing my skin looks. If you’ve been on the fence about trying out these products this is the perfect duo to test out!
  • Blistex Lip Vibrance Lip Balm: $2.99: This is my all time favorite chapstick to use! It dramatically moisturizes lips, has an SPF 15, and adds the prettiest color that lasts!
  • Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor– $5: These face razors are super popular among women who use them to remove hair from their face. I like to use these for those tiny little stray hairs in the eyebrow area. Not only do they remove unwanted hair but they also remove any and all dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling silky smooth!
  • Rael Beauty Miracle Patches– $12: Wear these little patches overnight to reduce the size of your pimples. This patch won’t take out all the red but you’ll wake up with all that pimple goo on the outside of your skin instead of being trapped inside! 
  • Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad– $7: This product is a silicone pad that you use to massage your face! At only $7 this product helps minimize pores and leaves skin soft exfoliated, and glowing!
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream-$15.50: This moisturizer is great for all skin types and works just as well as more expensive brands at half the cost.
  • Botanics Refreshing Toning Spritz-$11: I love this spritz and use it every single morning after I use my toner. It leaves your skin feeling extra clean and the cold feeling always makes me feel more refreshed. I’ve become addicted and can’t go a day without using it!
  • Mario Badescu Flower & Tonic Mask– $18: This mask is great for all skin types that suffer from large looking pores. This mask also helps absorb oil and leaves skin feeling so soft!
  • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Busy Gal Brows– $18: This is my favorite brow product ever! The brush is the perfect size for filling in sparse areas and is basically goof proof for shaping your brows. Just make sure to get a color about two shades lighter than your natural hair color for the most natural look!
  • BeauteHacks Lip Mask: $13: I use this mask every night before bed and love it! For years my lips would constantly peel and ever since I started using this product I’ve had ZERO issues! It takes about two days to really work but it works so well that I can still feel the product on my lips when I wake up in the morning! I haven’t found another lip mask that works better!
  • Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick– $5.49: If you’re looking for a lipstick that doesn’t budge this is the one for you! But seriously, it doesn’t budge! Just note that while the lipstick goes on glossy it will settle into more of a matte look!
  • Benefit Benetint Rose Lip & Cheek Tint– $18: I love that Benefit came up with a product that you can use on both cheeks and lips! This product is perfect for more feminine monochromatic looks.
  • Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder– $12: This is a face powder for oily skin that not only combats shine but also reduces irritation from acne and reduces redness! This powder literally helps reduce breakouts as you wear it throughout the day!
  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask– $12.79: Celebs swear by this mask and so do I! This is my all time favorite mask and it gives me the deepest cleansing of my pores I have ever felt! My skin has literally never looked so clean! This mask also helps with acne and can be used as a hair mask as well or to reduce itching from mosquito bites!
  • Beakey 5 Pcs Makeup Sponge Set Blender Beauty Foundation Blending Sponge-$9: These are the real deal! A Beauty Blender dupe where you get 5 sponges instead of 1 and at only half the price! My foundation has looked way more flawless since using these even over my expensive makeup brushes. Just make sure to get them damp first so they don’t soak up all your product. 
  • Kaike Marshmallow Mask and Scrub– $20: If you’re looking for a face mask that does it all then this is the one for you! This mask cleanses, exfoliates, helps retain moisture, and helps tighten skin!

I hope you all find a few new favorites from the list! Let me know if y’all try any of these out and what you think! Hope you all have a great day!



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