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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so I wanted to share a couple of hopefully helpful gift guides for that special someone in your life! From the man in your life (aren’t they always just so dang hard to shop for), to your best friend, to the kiddos there’s something for everyone! Below are all my favorites! ❤️


From personalized and sentimental to gifts for some R&R this guide covers any woman in your life. Some of my favorites on this list are the towel warmer, personalized gifts, and the smartphone vase. Jason actually gave me the idea of the towel warmer. He bought one for both my mom and his mom for Christmas and they both loved it!! The towel warmer is literally the gift that you never knew you needed! My other favorites are all the personalized gifts. I love the idea of gifting the initial necklace in the letter of your friend’s, mom’s, sister’s, etc first name initial or hint, hint guys you can gift this to your wife or girlfriend in your first initial! I’m also into the Book of Romance. This is a book that you can personalize for really anyone in your life and express to them through photos, quotes, and drawings how special they are to you! It’s super simple to personalize and takes no longer than ten minutes to complete! Finally, I’m loving the smartphone vase. If you know someone who is super into a clean nightstand then this is the gift for them! The vase doubles as a phone charger. The vase is a real vase that you can put real water and flowers into but it also doubles as a charging station for your phone so your nightstand looks clean, pretty, and put together! Oh and I’m really loving the Forever Bouquet! This bouquet is made up of dried flowers that comes in two colors, is so simple yet elegant, and will last forever! So I guess it would be safe to say that I pretty much love them all!


My Galentine’s gift guide is all about personal touches and wishing for everlasting love for your bestie. I mean who doesn’t want their best friend in the entire world to be happy and so in love? Some of my favorite personalized gifts are the dog sweatshirts, bestie drawing photos, and plants. If your bestie is a dog lover you can get their specific breed on a sweatshirt for them or a potted plant for the plant lover in your life. If you and your bestie are into photos (and who isn’t) then the photo drawing is for her! This product takes a photo of you and your best friend and turns it into a drawing. My other favorites are the rose quartz products. Rose quartz is known for bringing love and self love so why not shower your bestie with a rose quart stone or bracelet that she can wear at all times!


Ahhh, the men! The men are always the hardest to shop for especially since they are all sooo different! So I rounded up a few gifts that were hits with different types of men in my life from brothers, boyfriends, in laws, etc. A few of my favorites are the 10 in 1 pillow and the beer tap. The 10 in 1 pillow is one pillow that can be shaped into 10 different positions so you’re always comfortable whether you are laying down, seated, on your back, or stomach! The beer tap carbonates your beer so it tastes like it was just poured from the tap of your favorite bar! If there are any veterans in your life then Black Riffle Coffee would be perfect for them! Every single veteran I know LOVES that coffee brand. Seriously, every, single, one! If you have a meat lover in your life than the cast iron skillet is perfect for cooking steaks and the Jack Daniel’s steak seasoning is the best seasoning I have ever tasted. It is absolutely delicious and both men and women prefer it even over the fancier stuff!


Alright, so if you’re anything like me you are the crazy aunt, or Titi as my nieces call me, that spoil the heck out of your nieces and nephews. All of my siblings are so OVER the amount of toys in their homes. Since Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be over the top I thought it would be great to share some cute Valentine’s Day books. All of these books come highly recommended and even better you can get them all off of Amazon well in time for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for gift ideas I hope these guides help y’all out! Hope you all have fun celebrating love! ❤️



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