Thursday’s Three Ways To Wear: Guess Bodysuit

Happy Thursday friends! ☀️I loved this Guess bodysuit so dang much that I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to style it! There’s nothing better than finding an item of clothing that you not only love but that you can also get tons of use out of. We all have bodysuits in our closet so hopefully this inspires you to pull one out and style it a new, fun way! It’s always nice to feel like we’re not wearing the same thing over and over! I’ll link everything in the text below each photo in case you see anything you like or you can always head over to the app (briannaramos) and follow me over there for super easy access to shop everything!

Ok.. so technically there are four ways to wear this bodysuit this Thursday but a little extra never hurt! Below is a breakdown of each outfit as well as links to each product!

Option #1: These black woven shorts are so comfy and only $14!!!

Option #2: My favorite for a summer day! ☀️

Option #3: Perfect for date night! 😍 And these pants are the comfiest and most flattering!

Option #4: The outfit I’ll be wearing on repeat!

Hope this helps you find new, fun ways to style your bodysuit! Head over to stories on Instagram (@briannalramos) if you want to see the full try on haul. If you miss it no worries, I save everything to my highlights! Hope you have a great day!



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