Fat Blasting Stair Workout!

There are two types of people in the world: those who love to workout and those who don’t! Unfortunately, I am the latter! I have never woken up excited to work out but I do it because I know it’s good for my health and let’s be honest, I want to look good! I tend to create my own workouts because I love for my exercise routines to be quick and effective! Now that the temperatures are warm nothing is better than getting outdoors, getting some fresh air, seeing some beautiful scenery, and getting a great workout! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite outdoor workouts: the stairs!

Stairs are a great way to really feel the burn in a short amount of time! Climbing stairs is a great way to tone your legs from the tip of your toes to your booty! Even better a stair workout is more gentle on the body than running or jogging. Win, win!

Spring Stair Workout:

  • Sprint up and down stairs for 3 minutes
  • Tricep Dips: 10 reps
  • Bulgarian Lunge: 10 reps (each leg)
  • Incline Pushups: 10 reps
  • Step Up to Reverse Lunge: 10 reps (each leg)
  • Mountain Climbers: 10 reps

Repeat 5 times!

Make sure for safety that when you are coming back down the staircase to take each step at a time and walk down rather than run if you need to rest. Remember stair workouts can be tough so try and find a staircase in your city that is straight (rather than spiraled) and take a break when you need to.

Hope this helps y’all get outdoors, get active, and feel healthier!



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