Keto Kitchen: Ginger Chicken and Asparagus

I wanted to share one of my favorite healthy recipes with you all today! It’s a recipe that I’ve been cooking for years and still find just as delicious as the first time I tried it! The health benefits that come from this combination of ingredients are endless! Not only is this recipe extremely healthyContinue reading “Keto Kitchen: Ginger Chicken and Asparagus”

4 Things Every Girl Should Know About Men! ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Now I know that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day and I get it. Some believe it’s a corporate holiday, some don’t want to celebrate while they’re single, and for some it’s just not a big deal at all. All of those are valid reasons and I hear you loud and clearContinue reading “4 Things Every Girl Should Know About Men! ❤️”

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so I wanted to share a couple of hopefully helpful gift guides for that special someone in your life! From the man in your life (aren’t they always just so dang hard to shop for), to your best friend, to the kiddos there’s something for everyone! Below are all myContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guides”

The Beginner’s Guide To Eating For Anti-Aging!

By now y’all know that I am all about skincare, working out, and anything else that will help keep me looking and feeling young! Besides a kickass skincare routine and getting daily exercise, eating specific foods can do wonders to help slow down the aging process. From reducing wrinkles to keeping skin supple to keepingContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide To Eating For Anti-Aging!”

The Beginner’s Guide To Losing 25lbs!

Happy Friday y’all! Today I want to tell you about my biggest enemy: carbs! We all have a love/hate relationship with them! They help fuel our body and give us energy but if we have too many it can hinder our weight loss goals! As the unofficial Carb Queen here I thought I’d share howContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide To Losing 25lbs!”

Thursday’s Three Ways To Wear: The Ruffle Skirt

Happy Thursday! Aka Happy Friday Jr! I wanted to start sharing with y’all “Thursday’s Three Ways To Wear” where every Thursday I will take one piece of clothing and style it a minimum of three ways! I love putting together new outfits and it’s a fun way for me to do that while showing youContinue reading “Thursday’s Three Ways To Wear: The Ruffle Skirt”