The Only Tips You’ll Need To Find Your Perfect Shade of Foundation!

Do you know your skin undertone? Somehow I went thirty something years without really knowing mine! How did that happen? I have no idea! However, I do know that I am not alone. So many of us have no clue what our undertone really is and that’s unfortunate because there are so many benefits toContinue reading “The Only Tips You’ll Need To Find Your Perfect Shade of Foundation!”

My 15 Secret Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin!

If there’s one thing that’s always in style it’s healthy, radiant skin! By now you all know that I am obsessed with skincare and nothing makes a woman feel more confident than supple, glowing skin. As someone who has tried everything and anything when it comes to skincare I wanted to share with y’all myContinue reading “My 15 Secret Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin!”

Drugstore Makeup Roundup!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty of turning your nose up to drugstore makeup! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Haha! So guilty! I have to admit that up until recently when I thought of drugstore makeup I usually thought of my 7th grade self browsing the local drugstore for anything my mom would let me buy, havingContinue reading “Drugstore Makeup Roundup!”

The 40 Best Beauty Products Under $20!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Looking and feeling our best should not cost us a fortune! Some of my all time favorite beauty products in my makeup bag are drug store finds. I’ve rounded up forty of the best beauty products under $20 and let me tell y’all these are good!Continue reading “The 40 Best Beauty Products Under $20!”

35 Kickass Beauty Tips From The Pros

Happy Wednesday y’all! One of the perks of working in the entertainment industry all these years is that I get to meet tons of talented hair and makeup artists. HMU is what we call them in the business! They are brilliant at what they do and over the years I’ve been able to pull aContinue reading “35 Kickass Beauty Tips From The Pros”

How To Apply Your Skincare Products In The Correct Order!

Large pores, wrinkles, dark spots, acne? We all have something about our skin that we wish we could improve! For me it’s blackheads and large pores! Drives me freakin nuts! We spend so much money on skin care products but what’s the point if we aren’t using them correctly and reaping the maximum benefits?! AfterContinue reading “How To Apply Your Skincare Products In The Correct Order!”

The Most Popular Mascaras Ranked

If you could only pick one makeup product to wear for the rest of your life what would you choose? For me it would hands down be mascara! Y’all know by now that I love anything girly and when it comes to makeup it doesn’t get any more feminine than mascara. People always compliment meContinue reading “The Most Popular Mascaras Ranked”

Get Rid Of Blackheads Once And For All!

Happy Tuesday! You guys!! I’m so excited because today I get to share my favorite blackhead products ever! I read the other day that when you start a new skin care regimen that it can take up to twelve weeks to see an improvement in blackheads. That’s three months!!! Are you freakin’ kidding me? Ummm,Continue reading “Get Rid Of Blackheads Once And For All!”